March 10, 2019

Kaspersky total security – Install Kaspesky – kaspersky activation code

kaspersky total security – The protection of your computer, laptop and phone is in your hands. There are hackers, who wait for the opportunity to steal your bank details and identity. Since you are seeking for answers as to why you need an antivirus software on your system, it is a good start. The users must take internet security seriously! An antivirus software has the capability to protect your system from worms, viruses and other invaders which have a malicious purpose.

When viruses enter your computer/laptop/phone, it is possible that your system may slow down and files will get deleted. If you are using the laptop for official purpose and there are important documents stored on it, it is best to get an antivirus to protect your system from unwanted worms and viruses. Whether you are connected to the internet or not, an antivirus program is needed.

There are cybercriminals, who are ready to invade inside your system. The solution is to get the best antivirus and Kaspersky Total Security fits the bill. The question – How do you activate Kaspersky Total security on your system? Kaspersky activation is not as complicated as it seems. Gone are those days when you had to call your neighborhood computer operator or engineer to install antivirus on your system.

The first step is to purchase the product. You can either buy it online or purchase the retail card. The activation code will be given to you and this is what will help you to activate the product and then download/install it.

Let us now take a look at the activation process. Just follow the steps and you will realize that the entire process is fairly simple.

How to activate Kaspersky Total Security?

  1. Visit
  2. You will find that the website asks for your activation code, email address and prove you are not a robot.
  3. Enter the activation code mentioned on the retail card or the one sent to your email.
  4. Now enter your email address.
  5. The website wants to know whether you are a robot or a real human, type the special characters shown on the screen in the empty box.
  6. Now tick on ‘I agree to provide my email address…’ and then click on ‘get file’.

Let the Download Process Begin

Once you get the file, it has been downloaded successfully.

Activation is necessary for claiming your key file. If you do not get the kaspersky activation code, contact the customer support.

Also, do check that you have entered the right product code. There are times that we may miss certain characters or alphabets.

The Prerequisites and System Requirements

Before you start the installation process, make sure you read the system requirements. It is also important to check the internet connection. You would need a strong and stable internet connection to successfully activate, download and install the product on your system.

Also, close all the running applications and programs for successful installation. The user must check whether they have an application or program which is incompatible with Kaspersky. The most important point to keep in mind is that you must uninstall any existing antivirus program. Remove it from your computer before installing Kaspersky.

Lastly, you must keep your activation code handy. This is the most important aspect as you will not be able to download or install the product without this special and unique code.

Take a look at the general requirements before installing.

  • You need at least 1150 MB of free space on your computer/laptop.
  • An updated operating system
  • A stable internet connection
  • Use Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later for the installation process
  • SSE2 support (processor)

These are some of the system requirements which you must keep in your mind.

Takeaway Advice

Kaspersky Total security is easy to activate, download and install. Just follow the simple steps that we have mentioned-above. However, our suggestion to you would be to activate your product code first.

To buy the product activation code, go to the online store. Once you click on buy now and send your payment details, the code will be sent to you via email. Use the code for activation. You must also check your spam folder in case you are not able to find the confirmation mail.

You can also buy it from a store. The retail card will have the activation code. You can even go on My Kaspersky, create an account and buy a product code.

If you have successfully purchased the product but you did not get the unique code, it is possible that it is a technical error. You must contact the customer care service to get the much required help. If you made the purchase via a store, contact them in person and find the activation code.

Also, you must never share the code with anyone. So, use your activation code today and download Kaspersky on your system.